Is batman holding a beam-light-type weapon?

Is batman holding a beam-light-type weapon on the cover of the latest issue of Empire magazine?

Well the rumor has it that it might be true. A few days ago when the awesome Empire covers for The Dark Knight Rises were revealed, it raised more questions than it answered and one of these were, "What the hell is batman holding?", well maybe this rumor will give us the answer.

It's recently rumored that our knight has got his hands on a beam-light-type of weapon. "What is a beam-light-type of weapon?" you ask, well you know the light that is brightening your room or the light from the device you're reading this article from... If you think that this light is not that threatening well you might wanna hear this. This not-so-threatening light can be manipulated to be more concentrated and concentrated... making it a considerable weapon for our hero. Perhaps he can use it to hit a bunch of people without any of them knowing where they got hit from.

If you guys have seen "The Incredible Hulk" you might remember the super sonic sound weapon, well that's the same as a beam light weapon but instead of light it deals with sound harming and possessing its prey. In "The Incredible Hulk" the military used it to fight off the hulk *cough* MAYBE BATMAN WILL DO THE SAME WITH BANE *cough*... I guess we'll have to wait until The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters to find out for sure but what we are certain about is that we are super excited!

If you didn't have the chance to see the latest issue of Empire magazine and like me you can't wait for TDKR, you can check out a few of the photos below for the first time in high quality.

The film is set to be released in July of next year and is already being buzzed about as the biggest movie to hit theatres in 2012.

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