Young Adult Clip: Charlize Theron loses it on Elizabeth Reaser

Paramount has released a new red band TV spot for Jason Reitman comedy Young Adult, and we can only assume it will be buried after the watershed, as it’s mighty sweary for your average television audience.

In it, Charlize Theron’s embittered writer loses it when Elizabeth Reaser spills a particularly lurid-looking drink down the front of her pristine white blouse. Check out the new clip below…


That’s some liberal use of the F-Bomb from Charlize, who looks to have had a whale of a time as the foul-mouthed divorcee returning to her old life in small-town suburbia. Her sing-song delivery of “I love your sweater” is the acerbic icing on a particularly sour cake which makes it all more interesting.

Young Adult will be in theaters from December 16, 2012. Can't wait! Don't forget to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Source: Deadline