The Dark Knight Rises' Second Teaser Poster!

The Legend Ends. Three words that tingles your head to toe with excitement.

Warner Bros have today unveiled this teaser poster for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming trilogy-ending 2012 film on the Official Website for the film just in time for the prologue's commence, like we weren't excited enough! It's a really great way to kick off the most strongest and essential marketing campaigns yet to come.

As we have come to know more about Batman and his universe, we're aware that his mask is not only functioning as a physical barrier to hide behind it a but it's a metaphorical shield too. When seeing the poster and when the idea of the bat-mask being broken by the bulky Bane hits you... it assures you that we'll be getting something dazzling which incredibly excites us.

So what do you think it suggests? Will we see exactly happened in Miller's comic with Bane breaking the dark knight's back? I doubt it. With Nolan nothing is ever as simple. However this spectacularly cool poster will definitely launch some intended debates. You can see the amazing poster below.

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