The Dark Knight Rises Prologue Leaks Online

I just saw The Dark Knight Rises' prologue and I have to say as I expected it was amazing. Probably one the coolest action sequences ever. Imagine a intersection between Inception and The Dark Knight. Apart from Bane who from the start seemed very calm but incredibly organised with his plan and portrayed very well by Tom Hardy, it was Hans Zimmer's soundtrack which was heart poundingly beautiful ans thrilling and of course the brilliant Christopher Nolan who directed the film as well as Jonathan Nolan who co-wrote the script.

We got hold of a few leaked videos which we will be sharing with you but if you want to watch the prologue in high quality then you better go to theatres however the videos we have are not in great quality but they sure are thrilling enough to check out for fans who can't wait. Each of the two videos are the prologue but with different quality. Is any one else worried about batman's broken mask?


Let us know what you thought about the Prologue below. The Dark Knight Rises explodes in theatres on July 20th, 2012