Person Of Interest mid-season Finale Review

A magnificent mid-season finale is what Person Of Interest had. Stakes high. Not enough time. Everybody did not make it out alive either and were holding to their lives. What we were sure about was the thrilling ride that we were getting with the mid-season finale.

The machine challenged Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) by releasing not only one social security number but four. Assuring them of its difference. Not knowing the connection between the four individual made even more interesting making it one of those worth-watching adventures that Person Of Interest does so well. With four numbers in hand there would certainly be casualties that even the phenomenal Reese who doesn't like killing people but is very good at it would run into problems. Let's face it saving four people in such a short time span would be... not as easy.

"I can’t track three people down and I don’t want to lose anyone else.” - Reese

Finch being another eye was quite amusing at first but then turned to become quite devastating, because he was right… he wasn’t very good at it.

“Don’t. Just back off, okay? You and your preppy friend over there.” – Detective Carter

Meanwhile, Detective Carter (Taraji P. Henson) thinking about Reese and him saving her life as well as dealing with the consequences. As fortunate of an encounter... Carter still had deal with the captain thinking of her as a suspect and being questioned about associating with Reese instead of arresting him. I guess the don't know who they're dealing with and what personality Reese has, even though he's a "bad guy" to them, he's a guy who has no vendetta against cops not the corrupt ones though!

So really Reese is more like a good-meets-bad guy type. But the fact that the police quickly turned on Carter and assumed the worst of her was indeed disheartening. Specially since Carter persuaded to distrust Reese's actions almost got her killed. However the moment in which Carter was face to face with Reese and chose to let him go instead of turning him in... What a moment! It gave me chills. Totally a game changer moment! Carter took the law in her own hands and chose to let Reese go. Just fantastic. It was a fantastic way of leaving us hanging. Seeing Finch so torn up and distrupted was very interesting cause it should what a connection they have made over the episodes. It's probably safe to say that it was withno doubt the best mid-season finales of this television season.

Fusco (Kevin Chapman) was also being the best of a look out as he could for Carter without blowing his covers (as a dirty cop and as the cop that is indeed actually helping Reese). He does indeed do a fine job for Reese and Finch but you can tell that he's nerve tingling every time he talks to Carter. As you know we hadn't had been spending much time with Fusco and Carter but who knows that might change if the two filled in on their partnership with Reese sooner than later. Lots of possibilities. Who would have guessed that carter would come face to face with Reese in just ten episodes. Fantastic reveal though. Great pace. Had a tinge of comedy and whole lots of thrilling mysteries. Just the kind we all enjoy watching.

"Person Of Interest" drew big numbers for CBS, making it the network of the night with over 12.8 million viewers. The largest audience since the show's premiere. If "Person Of Interest" is your favourite new TV Drama then don't forget to vote for it so it can win the People's Choice Award 2012 as the favourite new TV Drama.

New episodes of Person of Interest return in 2012 on CBS.