The Dark Knight Rises Second Trailer Is Officially Online!

The Dark Knight Rises second trailer is finally and officially online! The trailer appeared online today by the guys at Warner Bros. with a link on the official website to watch it on Apple Trailers. I guess they finally gave up after all the bootleg videos that stormed in all social networks and of course our beloved YouTube.

Well what can I say about the trailer, besides the fact that Christopher Nolan and his crew have outdone themselves once again, bringing an epic story to life (like we didn't think they would). The trailer unshadows mostly about Bane and Selina Kyle with a jaw dropping explosion of a football field, a shout to those who enjoy Batman and are a football fan. I'm not going to describe the trailer cause it won't do it justice so why don't you check out the legendary 2m10s below.


The Dark Knight Rises will explosively arrive in theatres on july 20th, 2012 and we certainly can't wait.

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