Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows Review

Holmes and Watson take on Professor James Moriarty, the most challenging and worthy opponent that Holmes has ever faced. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows provides the large scale that you would expect from a sequel. The film certainly has the ability to grab your attention and keep you guessing all the way through, as any good detective story does, with it's rather impressive style.

NOTICE: Spoilers will be unshadowed.

We begin our journey with Watson's narration and drift into the progress as Holmes tries to track down the nefarious Professor Moriaty. Irene Adler the only woman who impressed Holmes makes an appearance as well. Due to the circumstance, Watson postpones his honeymoon to accompany Holmes and take down Moriaty and his manipulative and skilled moves.

It's apparent that Guy Ritchie challenged himself in terms of the visual aspects. The cast does a perfect job in bringing the characters to life. The train sequence would most probably be my favourite scene from the film with it being humorous and and the same time smart. The boggling gunfight sequence in the forest stands out with its visual treats and its marvellous bullet which is racing Watson which finally aparts his west. The script is intelligent. We get to meet more of Holmes' comical side which we did not see much in the first film. The soundtrack, composed by Hans Zunmer, is flawless so as the Art department's job in creating the 1890s.

Bottomline is that The sequel is explosively thrilling which comes through and is memorable for quiet some time. Do watch it, when you get the chance.

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