Person Of Interest Review: 'Super'

Ever wonder how the shoe fits on the other foot?

Is the concept that Person Of Interest took for its return giving us the chance to see what would happen if Finch and Reese traded jobs. Finch was the covert run around guy and by taking Reese's advice threw an awkward punch, while Reese himself was restricted to his wheelchair, monitoring computers and assisting Finch through his earpiece.

"Super" picked up right from the last episode's ending, with a quick recap through different security cameras and aduio files of Reese being shot. Everything settled down quickly after Finch brought the wounded Reese to an under the radar experienced surgeon. Later on, Finch tells Reese to stay put while Hacking into the wifi of the neighbors and switching on the cameras in Their apartment together clues. Finch and Reese bending their head while watching the girl do yoga was a funny touch as well, showing a side where they're not as cold as they want you to think.

Image via CBS

Image via CBS

Surprisingly we got a fair amount of humor due to the difficulties of their new jobs. Reese holding up his gun and saying he packs light deserved a smile and so did Reese teaching Finch how to fight. There was no one-two punch, just a simple jab to the eyes. It's interesting to see how Finch dislikes violence and Perhaps there might be a backstory to it, which makes it all more interesting.

Then came the flashback showing us the not-limping Finch as more of his past and his relation with his partner, Nathan, is unraveled. Nathan doesnt know much about the machine. Yet, he seems to trust Finch... who trusts the machine. Then we see that the machine identifies Nathan as a possible threat. This goes to show you that there is a lot more informationa to be revealed about the machine and Finch's backstory so as the reason he's limping.

"My brothers decided I needed to learn to swim so they tossed my into the deep end of the pool. Took a few minutes. But I figured it out" is what Finch answers to Detective Connors questions on who he Finch is and what is it that he along with Reese are doing. Finch does exactly what his brothers did, he throws Detective Connor into the deep-end to explain what exactly it is that him and Reese are doing. Which was a nice and simple way of showing without explaining. Not only Conner was highly skeptical but witnessing it first hand saving someone's life before it's turned into a homicide case has clearly given her a new perspective. Which is interesting to see how it's handled by her to know that Reese and Finch have some wy of pridicting the future.

Image via CBS

Image via CBS

Reese still comes as a favorite because even though he's on crutches he can still comes through as a bad ass. In fact Reese's hand-to-hand fights are unique and haven't really been seen before. I mean sure, he was hurt and pretty much disabled but he still was able to beat up the bad guy with his crutches. He was also eager to throw a few punches in especially after being cooped up in a room for so long. The man is a fighter and surely enough he will recover in no time.

Even though this episode didn't provide the most interesting of cases we've seen before even with all of its twists and turns, it still comes off as a thrilling episode and a good way to switch things up for our main characters, a good way to try something new indeed. It's good to see Carter intertwining with Reese and Finch.

This episode, with its 'extremely pleasing' CBS rating, was certainly great for the show's comeback.