Person Of Interest Review: 'Root Cause'

Person Of Interest continues to come out swinging, highering the stakes with its gritty take on technology, corruption and redemption, making each episode complete with enough teasing to tie the season together. Even though each week we are waiting to know more about Finch and Reese's backstory, the terrifically written episodes with their tremendous fight sequences like 'Root Cause', makes it all worth while.

Image via CBS

Image via CBS

This week stakes were even higher. A solid story wrapped in suspense with unexpected twists. Person Of Intereest never makes things simple and predictable which is exactly why the writers didn't go with a plot about a disgruntled unemployed man on a killing spree looking for revenge, but instead used it to set things up before veering in another direction and falling in political assassination while digging deeper and delving into business corruption.

The terrific pace built up the layers on top of each other with classic bad ass beat downs, gun fights, taking over cars, gas mask style. The action, drama and the intelligent humour all blended in nicely, challenging Reese and Finch, forcing them to use their special skills when separate.

Another interesting aspect of the episode was the new character Root, giving Reese and Finch a run for their money or at least forcing them to break their phones. Making Finch to spend some time in a library and get shushed. What was more adoring was Finch's curiosity and potential adoration towards the hacker, with her matched computer skills and technical knowledge. Frankly, unlike Reese it's not everyday that he gets to have his own type of fight, a cyber one at least, which were still thrilling even though they involved key strokes and not fist punches and obviously that's what Finch does best

He even called the former person of interest, Zoe Morgan, which was a fun surprise. I think of her as the Catwoman to Reese's batman. Same as last time she played her part to perfection without her character being overused but yet showing us just how powerful she can be, while later on offering up her playful flirtious side to Reese. Indeed a pleasant return to the show.

Image via CBS

Image via CBS

The episode managed to close with a happy ending for Scott, this weeks POI but it left us with another potential villain/ally down the road. A nice shift out the nature of episodic tendencies to complete happy note ending. Finch definitely liked the potential of Root and I did too. It would be interesting to know how would their relationship end up. Even though we didn't see Root's real voice or her face, her presence was definitely felt and it's definit that she will return with her tech savvy skills not to mention that she was using an Android, seems to me that pretty much every bad guy on Person of Interest uses Android while Reese and Finch both use iPhones. Coincidence? Hmm... I don't think so. Probably what made it a perfect ending, besides the Root cliffhanger, was the way Reese vanished from sight. Now, that's what you call an exit. Batman style.

This week's episode hit new series best in total audience, drawing in 15 million viewers. The show has really found its groove, combining pure fun with a well-paced action and suspense plot that takes you on a fantastic ride with Reese and Finch each week.

You can catch Person Of Interest next week on CBS.

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