The Amazing Spider-man Trailer 2 Arrives

That's the Spiderman we know! Finally the second trailer for the much anticipated Amazing Spiderman swung in. The trailer certainly shows that Marc Webb (suitable last name for someone who's directing a Spiderman film) has a darker theme in mind and yet still managed to keep the fun spirit of it. Andrew Garfield seems like a fitting choice to play Peter Parker. Emma Stone appears in trailer as well.

The highlight of the trailer was to see the main villain of the film, the Lizard. We get a few glimpse of how he will be like in the film but honestly i didn't find him much realistic, same goes for some of the CGI that were used. However I think The Amazing Spider man wouldn't be disappointing but rather enjoyable, entertaining and much better than the previous Spiderman films. The fact that they decided to take a realistic (in a Batman Begins sort of way) turn and make Spiderman use a device to throw webs just makes it better for me. How about you?

Overall the trailer gets fans excited and it seems that Marc Webb's take on Spiderman is rather a good one. You can check out the trailer after the break but make sure to check out our YouTube Channel for more trailers and tv spots.

You can catch The Amazing Spiderman when it hits theaters in 3D on July 3rd, 2012. Let us know your thoughts areon the trailer and just how exciting you are to see the film.