Person Of Interest Review: 'Wolf and Cub'

Person of Interest has a straightforward premise but it's great to see each week it manages to find different ways to change things up, giving it variety and new perspectives, with another week of high ratings, unlike most shows that end up being repeatetive after few episodes.

This week's episode, "Wolf and Cub", begins Finch giving Reese a new number (how does Finch still get the numbers with all his technology out of commission still remains to be known) putting us right in the process. However, this time instead of spending time to figure out wether the new POI is the victim or perpetrator, the uncertainties of not knowing was eliminated very early on, getting rid of all the basic information being in front of Reese and Finch and giving us the chance to see Reese in action. Time wasn't the main concern but guiding a boy to move on with his life was. Read more after the jump.

Even though Reese was unsure of helping Darren, he enjoyed having a company around for a change. The interesting part was the student and teacher relationship that was established. it was less about manipulation like the other POIs but rather attempting to show his own brand of justice and instilling a direction in the young boy.

Did that stop Darren from trying to kill his brother's murderers? Nope. But he was set on a good path, thanks to Reese. Darren's disappearance was hilarious, giving Reese a taste of what it feels like when he does it to others.

Image via CBS

Image via CBS

Detective Fusco returned this week while Reese still had a certain amount of reign over him. Their chemistry working together works and almost insight the superhero feel no matter that he's a bit of a goof, poor guy got shot in the butt (hilarious!), he still is loyal and took good guys' side making him the one who seems more fitting to be Reese's psychic instead of Darren which Reese indirectly implied.

Talking about indirectly implications, half a million dollars was supposed to go to Brighton Beach, as soon as it was mentioned Elias' name was all over it. He's probably not going to be happy with Reese messing around with his operation and burning his money. Which promises his return Later in the series.

I'm not sure which was rattling Finch more: Root hacking into Finch's system or the paranoia over Will Ingram's persistence ito his father's work. But what I'm sure of is that when Will spoke with Alicia and mentiond Finch's name, she quickly got a feeling that he's listening to their conversation, which he actually was, and resisted to continue the conversation with Will and left the area as quick as possible, I guess it's true, "only the paranoid survive". Leaving Will with more questions than answers. Did Finch kill Nathan Ingram? (Remember he was identified as a threat to the machine.) There's definitely the sense that there's still plenty to learn about Reese and Finch's past. It's just great to see their characters develop the way they do which is another great aspect of Person of Interest.

Image via CBS

Image via CBS

Reese once again proved the show's fun entertaining factor by his badassness, shooting bean bags or calmly walking up to his enemies with a smile after crashing their car fiercely as that cool rock synth theme song fades in. Don't you just love that? Not to mention his Plan B labeled bag (gotta get me one of those) and "That was the sign, Finch" line which made even more awesome.

This week's episode ended with one of those If-you-blink-you'd-surely-miss-it final moments. "System Administrator, Security Breached" the machine marks both Reese and detective Fusco red, suggesting that they are threats then it chooses 'Monitor' as the course of action. Has the machine been hacked? Is that what the "security breach" warning meant? And why was the course of action only to monitor? I guess we have to wait and see what happens.

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