Wally Pfister, Christopher Nolan's Cinematographer, to Make Directorial Debut

News has it that Christopher Nolan's longtime collaborator and cinematographer is set to make his directorial debut. Having recently wrapped on the last chapter, The Dark Knight Rises, of Nolan's trilogy, the Oscar-winning cinematographer will be directing an untitled screenplay from the newbie Jack Paglen. Read more after the jump.

The film will be produced by Alcon Entrtainment, who is being secretive at the moment but Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove, the co-founders of Alcon Entertainment, did send out a press release saying this about their enthusiasm towards working with the award-winning cinematographer:

“We have been talking to Wally about making his directorial debut with Alcon for over a decade since we all worked together on INSOMNIA. Wally is truly one of the most talented artists with whom we have ever collaborated. To now have the opportunity to work with Wally as a director on this truly remarkable project, is a company highlight for Alcon Entertainment.”

Pre-production is expected to start right away while the principal photography will begin this fall. Pfister who is most notably known by his collaborations with Nolan since the pair worked on seven films, from Memento to The Dark Knight Rises, since 1999 has manged to get four Oscar nominations and one win for Best Achievement in Cinematography for Inception. However, this won't be his first time directing, he has done commercials for a number of years, his most notable work is on anti-meth commercials for the “Montana Meth Project.” While Pfister will be bringing his own type of style in directing there's no doubt that he wil be inspired by the directors he has worked with, most notably Christopher Nolan, which would be great.

You can catch his latest work, The Dark Knight Rises, in theatres on July 20th, 2012.