'The Dark Knight Rises' new viral marketing leads to 3rd trailerc

The viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight Rises is back! The official website has been updated and the Gotham City Police need your help to bring in the Batman. Scroll through the police documents and you’ll come across a list of locations that have evidence. Right now these locations are all outside of the United States and Canada, but those countries will be added to the list later on. You’ll need to go to the location with your phone and take a picture (make sure it records your location) and then tweet it with the hashtag #tdkr07202012 or email it to tdkr07202012@gothampolicedepartment.com. When you do, you’ll unlock 1 frame of The Dark Knight Rises trailer #3, which is on this new website: tdkr07202012.com (you can just keep scrolling to see what has already been revealed). I guess we may not have to wait until Friday to see the new trailer with The Avengers! Let's get a move on!

[UPDATE, May 1st] Warner Bros. rewarded fans with the third trailer today for all work they put on the case! You can see the amazing trailer after the jump.