Matthew McConaughey To Lead Christopher Nolan's Interstellar?

Last summer Christopher Nolan closed the book on his Batman trilogy with the grand-scale that was 'The Dark Knight Rises' and managed to take away over a billion dollars at the box office. Just a few months later, speculation began on what he would choose as his next project. It was finally revealed that his next project would be the ambitious sci-fi film Interstellar and now it's been reported that he wants Matthew McConaughey as his lead. Hit the jump for more.

It's no surprise that Nolan's films are shrouded in secrecy until they hit the screen and it's no difference with Interstellar. All we know so far is that the film is to depict “a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.” The initial script was written a few years ago by Nolan’s brother and long-time collaborator Jonathan Nolan (who scripted The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises) as a potential directorial vehicle for Steven Spielberg, but when Christopher signed on to direct it was revealed that he would be doing a rewrite in order to incorporate an original idea of his own as well.

With a November 2014 release date on the horizon, Nolan has now turned to casting. According to Deadline the director has made an offer for the male lead to Matthew McConaughey, and it'd be surprising if the actor decides to turn him down. It's been always interesting to see what casting choices Nolan makes since at times they seem erratic and they leave fans in doubt but the moment they are seen through the Nolanverse all doubts are diminished with exponentially higher expectations.

McConaughey has been on a fantastic streak as of late, coming off a great set of projects in 2012. He was both critically and commercially acclaimed with supporting roles in Bernie and Magic Mike and had interesting leads in Killer Joe and The Paperboy. McConaughey has yet another outstanding performance in the festival hit Mud, which is expected to hit theaters this year, and just recently wrapped the starring role in a passion project of his, the AIDS drama The Dallas Buyers Club. He is currently busy filming the anticipating HBO anthology drama series True Detective with Woody Harrelson, and if he accepts the offer for Interstellar, he'd be most probably shooting the Nolan pic this summer. McConaughey is a refreshingly choice to lead Nolan’s sci-fi film, and I’m certainly interested to see who else the filmmaker has in mind to fill the rest of his cast with. Regular collaborators? Completely new actors? Whatever the case, anticipation will get incredibly high when Interstellar hits theaters and IMAX on November 7, 2014.